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Sophos Endpoint Protection
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Sophisticated yet simple antivirus, advanced threat protection, web filtering and policy enforcement. Sophos Endpoint Protection makes it simple to secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and advanced threats, such as targeted attacks.

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Belangrijkste kenmerken

  • Anti-malware
  • HIPS
  • Web security
  • Web control (filtering)
  • Malicious traffic detection
  • Application control
  • Device control
  • Client firewall
  • Role-based administration
  • Active Directory sync
  • Sophos PureMessage voor Microsoft Exchange anti-spam en anti-malware
  • OS support Windows, Mac

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  • Innovative protection including anti-malware, HIPS, malicious traffic detection and more
  • Web, application, device and data control for comprehensive policy enforcement.
  • Web filtering enforced on the endpoint whether users are on or off the corporate network.
  • Lightning performance, even on older systems
  • Simple, centralized management.
  • Flexible deployment, with your choice of cloudbased or on-premise management.
  • Optional mobile device management and security

Innovative protection
Sophos Endpoint Protection goes far beyond signature-based prevention of known malware. It correlates suspicious behaviors and activities using real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs. From malicious URLs to web exploit code, unexpected system changes to command-and-control traffic, we’ll connect the dots so your endpoints and data are protected. The result is fewer infected computers and better protection against targeted attacks and data breaches.

Complete control.
Enforce your web, application, device and data policies with ease, thanks to seamless integration within the endpoint agent and the management console.

  • Web Control Category-based web filtering enforced on and off the corporate network
  • Application Control Point-and-click blocking of applications by category or name
  • Device Control Managed access to removable media and mobile devices
  • Data Control Data loss prevention (DLP) using prebuilt or custom rules

Lightning performance
Sophos Endpoint Protection is continually tuned for the best performance. The lightweight agent keeps users secure without slowing them down. Protection updates are small— typically under 30 KB—so updates are easy on your network and your endpoints. “We have found the Sophos endpoint solutions to be easy, smooth and consistent. Having Sophos deployed has increased our security posture ten-fold.”
Christopher Prewitt, Manager IT Security and Disaster Recovery, The Lincoln Electric Co.

Sophisticated simplicity
Like your favorite smartphone or web application, Sophos Endpoint Protection delivers sophisticated functionality coupled with a simple, intuitive user experience. Quick and easy deployment, well-balanced default policies and automatic configuration of HIPS are just a few examples of how we do things differently.

Flexible Licensing and Deployment.
Choose cloud or on-premise management—whichever best suits your business. Sophos Cloud offers a web-based console with policies that follow users across devices and platforms. Our on-premise solution gives you complete control over your management infrastructure. Both deliver outstanding performance and protection licensed per user, not per device. Sophos Endpoint Standard on-premise can be migrated to Sophos Cloud free of charge. Sophos Cloud can't be migrated to Sophos on-premise.

Product Attachments

View FileSophos Endpoint Protection    Size: (88.12 KB)

Krachtige en eenvoudige antivirus, geavanceerde beveiliging tegen bedreigingen, webfiltering en beleidshandhaving.

Sophos Endpoint Protection maakt het gemakkelijker om uw Windows-, Mac- en Linuxsystemen
te beschermen tegen malware en geavanceerde bedreigingen, zoals gerichte aanvallen. Onze next-generation endpoint protection omvat innovatieve technologie zoals traffic detection met real-time threat intelligence van SophosLabs om u te ondersteunen bij het voorkomen, detecteren en verhelpen van bedreigingen. Wij voegen onder meer ook web filtering, application control en device control toeaan de lichtgewicht endpoint agent, zodat de regels van uw organisatie overal worden nageleefd ongeacht waar uw gebruikers zijn.

View FileEndpoint Protection Datasheet    Size: (95.35 KB)

Sophisticated yet simple antivirus, advanced threat protection, web filtering and policy enforcement. Sophos Endpoint Protection makes it simple to secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and advanced threats, such as targeted attacks.

View FileSophos PureMessage for Exchange    Size: (397.78 KB)

Sophos PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange guards against email-borne threats such as spam, phishing, viruses and spyware. Control information sent and received both internally and externally. Protect your company against the loss of confidential information or inappropriate use of the email system.

View FileSophos Case Study Bolletje    Size: (680.47 KB)

Bolletje BV, a large manufacturer of baked goods in the Netherlands, needed to step up security for its virtualized environment and offer better protection for both employee-facing and factory systems. Bolletje turned to Sophos and reseller Virtual Security for the highperformance, easy-to-manage solution.

View FileSophos Case Study - Stek Jeugdhulp    Size: (303.93 KB)

Medewerkers van Stek Jeugdhulp zetten zich dag- en nacht in om kinderen, jongeren en hun ouders te helpen bij allerhande problemen die te maken hebben met opgroeien en opvoeden. Een veilige IT-omgeving waarin gegevens over gevoelige zaken goed beschermd worden is voor de organisatie onontbeerlijk. Sophos ondersteunt de organisatie hierin

View FileSophos Endpoint Protection + Sophos Intercept X    Size: (84.1 KB)

Everything we know about prevention, detection, and response in a single agent, taking your protection into a new era. Endpoint security has come a long way over the past 30 years. Classic antivirus file scanning just doesn’t cut it anymore, so Sophos Endpoint Protection uses multiple next-generation techniques to give you complete, layered protection.

View FileSophos Endpoint Exploit Prevention    Size: (52.32 KB)

Block Ransomware with the Power of Intercept X The protection capabilities of Intercept X are now available to Endpoint Protection deployments managing their endpoint policy in Sophos Enterprise
Console. Stop malware, prevent exploit vulnerabilities and get a deep clean on any potentially hidden malware using the Endpoint Exploit Prevention add-on.



  • Antimalware, Live Protection, Web Security, multiple platform support (Windows/Mac), Managed by SEC (Sophos Enterprise Console), Home use included. WINDOWS ONLY:Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS), Client Firewall, Application Control, Device Control, Web Control/Filtering
  • PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange (AV/AS/content)

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