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Enduser Protection

Sophos Enduser Protection Mail and Encryption

De Sophos Enduser Protection Mail and Encryption is een bundel met Sophos Antivirus , Email bescherming en Sophos Safeguard Encryption.

€ 82,25
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  - [Endpoint Protection Advanced - Antimalware, Live Protection, multiple platform support (Windows/Mac/Linux), Managed by SEC (Sophos Enterprise Console), Home use included. WINDOWS/MAC ONLY: Web Security, Device Control. WINDOWS ONLY: Malicious Traffic Detection, Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS), Client Firewall, Application Control, DLP, Patch Assessment, Web Control/Filtering], [Sophos for Network Storage (NetApp, EMC, Oracle/Sun, ICAP-compliant)], [PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange (AV/AS/content)] 
  - [Sophos Mobile Control Standard - Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8), BYOD Management (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8/Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Desktop)]
  - [Email Protection Advanced - PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange (AV,AS,content), PureMessage for UNIX (AV,AS,EP), Sophos Email Appliance software (appliance sold separately), Virtual Email Appliance, SPX Encryption] 
  - [SafeGuard Disk Encryption Advanced - SafeGuard Device Encryption, SafeGuard Native Device Encryption, SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac, Management Center]
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