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Central Intercept X with Endpoint Advanced


Central Intercept X with Endpoint Advanced
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Sophos Intercept X Advanced

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Central Intercept X with Endpoint Advanced

"Includes choice of:
- Endpoint Agent: (Windows/macOS) Anti-malware, Live Protection, Web Security, Web Control, Malware Removal, Peripheral Control, Application Control, Synchronized Security Heartbeat (Windows only) Behaviour Analysis/HIPS, Data Loss Prevention, Download Reputation, Malicious Traffic Detection, Exploit Prevention, Cryptoguard Anti-Ransomware, Sophos Clean, Root Cause Analysis.
- Sophos for Virtual Environments, Light Agent off-board scanning: (Windows Desktop VMs) Anti-malware, Live Protection, Malware Removal
* Security Heartbeat functionality is available when Endpoint Advanced is used in conjunction with one of the following Sophos Firewall subscriptions - Network Protection, FullGuard or EnterpriseGuard.
Note: Full Endpoint Agent and Sophos for Virtual Environments light agent cannot be deployed on the same computer"

Sophos Intercept X Advanced